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Victoria Silvstedt Boobs Almost Fell Out Of Bikini

In case you were wondering what Victoria Silvstedt has been up to lately, here she is hard at work. And by that, I mean looking hot in a bikini on some rich dude’s boat. It’s nice to see she got back to the office! Enjoy this hot Victoria Silvstedt bikini pics!

Victoria Silvstedt Is Bikini Pro

Can you guess where Victoria Silvstedt is caught again? … on the beach of course, but this time we got a proof that she is a real pro when it comes to bikini pictures. I do not remember when we last had the chance to see Victoria Silvstedt boobs poping out of bikini and this shot with her  beach hat is positioned just right to prevent the paparazzi taking them from getting a money shot. But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, considering she’s been hanging out in a bikini for the better part of the last three years.  So you definitely have to give Victoria credit. Enjoy the photos.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Hotness Hit The Beach

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Victoria Silvstedt, but here’s the permanent vacation-goer hard at work again, lounging at the beach in the bikini. It’s nice to see she got back to the office quickly after the holidays. That’s dedication. Anyway, it looks like she’s reading that 50 Shades of Grey book, and I never realized Victoria was into that kind of thing. I haven’t done it in years, and it’s pretty kinky, but for Victoria, I’m willing to try… Somebody hand me my glasses, I’m going to read a book. Enjoy this Victoria Silvstedt bikini gallery.

Victoria Silvstedt Sexy Twitter Pics

Victoria Silvstedt started using Twitter and now we have privilege to see some more private photos of her from all her vacations… This is a good step forward in her career. Hopefully,Victoria Silvstedt takes this new job as a Twitter model seriously because it’s not easy work keeping me entertained on a daily basis. Anyway, these pictures are a good start, let’s keep’em coming.

Victoria Silvstedt Sunning In Red Hot Bikini

Alright, this is getting a little ridiculous. I know that Victoria Silvstedt likes to hang out on rich old dude’s yachts in her bikini and all, but this is almost too much. Here she is attempting the patented Jessica Alba bikini booty pose, but she ought to know by now that her best angle is from the front. Someone should tell her that. I could marry this Victoria Silvstedt hottie and live this life of leisure, paddle boarding, hanging out in the sun on a yacht all over the world and don’t forget all the motorboating and in return I could teach her a few tricks of posing in a bikini. Call me.

Victoria Silvstedt Oops Pussy In Bikini

I just  love this Victoria Silvstedt chick, she doesn’t seem to do anything other than hang out all day in very small, very European bikini and almost flashing her old pussy on some rich old bastard’s yacht in a very little bikini. Awesome. This is the kind of job I’ve been looking for my whole life. I don’t know what she has to do behind closed doors to maintain this type of lifestyle, but we can negotiate. Anyhow, until then I’ll just have to sit back and enjoy these shots of Victoria’s big old titties bouncing around on a jet-ski.

Victoria Silvstedt Oops Upskirt Wardrobe Malfunction

I’ve got to admit that I absolutely love this Victoria Silvstedt chick, I even like the fact that she really doesn’t do anything anymore, unless you happen to believe that lounging around on some rich dude’s yacht something… Wish I do. I love this woman because she is always ready to give us part of what she experiences, so here are new Victoria Silvstedt upskirt pictures, flashing her panties while boarding a boat in Antibes. it’s been way too long since the last Victoria Silvstedt panty flash, so I’m lovin’ it regardless! Enjoy the view!

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Fake breasted blondes with massive breasts who do not afraid to show off their goddess in sexy little bikinis are one of my all-time favorite things, so these pictures of Victoria Silvstedt are right up my alley. I just love this chick. I know she’s done some modeling at some point in her life, but she basically spends her time hanging out on rich dudes yachts in the Mediterranean now. What a life. Those are some of the highest quality fake breasts in the business and should be recognized as such. Well done.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Victoria Silvstedt showed off some of her bikini sexy body proportions, much to the ogling delight of gentleman beach goers in the vicinity, on Miami Beach with the hot celeb class this week. I’ve got to say that of all the hotties out there who seem to do nothing but sit around in their sexy little bikinis while their rich old boyfriends keep a close eye on them, Victoria Silvstedt does it the best. With that platinum blonde hair and that lust-inducing figure, there’s no doubt she still draws a strong leer in a one-hundred foot radius. I don’t remember having such nice big front meat, but I’m really enjoying them. Keep up the good work. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Gallery

I can’t believe that summer is already near the end and I had not any Victoria Silvstedt bikini pictures on the site… She is one of the most useless chick in business and every time I saw her she was in a bikini, so I really can’t believe… Anyhow, here is busty blonde Victoria Silvstedt showing off her tight body in a little bikini while she spend money from some rich old dude. I don’t know who the rich old guy is this time, but I bet that he’s got a very big….. Bank account. Enjoy

Victoria Silvstedt Oops Ass Flash In Bikini

Here is hot model Victoria Silvstedt does what she knows best busting in her little bikini and giving us some sweet views. She was spotted  at her hotel pool with her mom. At one point the former Playboy Playmate of the Year has trouble with her bikini bottom and quickly makes an adjustment.  She puled down her panties  and flashed hot Victoria Silvstedt ass. Once again we see this Victoria Silvstedt big fake tits and  although they looks totally weird I love them and her tight little ass. Enjoy this Victoria Silvstedt bikini wedgie gallery!

Victoria Silvstedt Oops Upskirt Pussy Flash

Now that’s what I call an real upskirt pussy flash. Yes, this is  one sexy looking pussy that Victoria Silvstedt owns. Apparently she doesn’t mind showing that snatch off to the paparazzi either as this pantiless Victoria Silvstedt upskirt goes to prove. At least Silvstedt keeps the coochie trimmed up nicely though and not the bushy mess that some other celebrities like to give a peek to. OK, I know these are old pictures, but I did not have them on the site until now. I had few Victoria Silvstedt upskirt pictures but no one did not like this ones. Now you can see Victoria Silvstedt pussy in all her glory and all with some nice Victoria Silvstedt nipple slip.Enjoy the view!

Victoria Silvstedt Hot Workout

Love the celebrity workouts like this one..Sexy actress and model Victoria Silvstedt shows us some new moves and how flexible she really is..Hot ass ,nice old legs and so big boobs and I am on..Here are some photos that are so hot and sexy and I love her a lot.Enjoy her hotness at some park..Keep up..