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Christina Aguilera Shows Her Fat Ass

I haven’t had any pictures of Christina Aquilera for a long time and I through that she had started to lose some of that post-divorce weight she put on, but clearly I was wrong. Here she is with her massive posterior stretching out an unfortunate pair of pants while out somewhere last night. I know it’s very hard to lose a little of pounds that she has been packing for months and months, but now it seems that she’s even bigger that Jessica Simpson. Whatever it is, Christina needs to get this under control… And fast.

Christina Aguilera Drunk And Hot Cleavage

I hadn’t seen Christina Aguilera in a while and it looks to me like she has started to lose a little of that post divorce weight she put on… or this somewhat see through dress  makes her body looks tighter. However, Christina Aguilera breasts are surely still fat and I love it. Here she is looking like she’s having a little trouble focusing on putting one foot in front of the other while out on the town and giving us nice drunk cleavage. Drunk girls with big breasts stuffed into a tight little dress are kind of my thing. Good work.

Christina Aguilera’s Booty Is Really Huge

Here is Christina Aguilera and her huge ass stretching out an unfortunate pair of pants while out with the kid over the weekend.She’s got an ass like a football player.I knew this moment was going to come sooner or later,I’ve been dreading it and trying to prepare myself for it… But nothing could have prepared me for this. I don’t feel real well about these pics at all …I want the “Dirty” days back!

Christina Aguilera Fat Ass

It seems that Christina Aguilera has just been getting bigger and bigger over the last few years. So, why on earth would she squeeze herself into an outfit like this. Here she is at theMichael Jackson tribute concert over the weekend looking absolutely disgusting. That wig’s not covering up enough of her fat face. She looks like a blonde Snooki, oh god, I just threw up a bit. Sick!

Christina Aguilera Oops Almost Boob Slip

Almost! Christina Aguilera boobs almost fell out as she was arriving at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London last night. Instead we only got Christina Aguilera bra peek. Well, that’s something!Anyway,as I said, I don’t like her face,so the real reason posting these pictures, as you can suppose are Christina Aguilera fat tits which are still fresh and no need make up,but look close ups of her face are a very bad idea… Besides being ugly, she is fat. I never thought I’d see a day when Christina Aguilera would have a double chin… Such a shame. So,maybe it’s much better to see this Christina Aguilera nude leaked pictures.

Christina Aguilera Big Tanned Cleavage

I said many times that I really don’t like Christina Aguilera face and I never have. But fortunately she has some nice boobs on her so it’s not all that bad. I didn’t watch The Voice and judging from these screencaps I’m going to say that it looks a really good show and I was a little sorry I missed it.Here is Christina Aguilera and her big tanned boobs ,at some show, dropping serious cleavage in her judges chair. This is the best I’ve seen her look for a while. I like it! The fake hair, the fake tan and the fat breast all go really well together and make a very good package that would like to get for birthday…. Nice! Enjoy the view!

Oops Fat Christina Aguilera

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Christina Aguilera is not aging well these days. She is looking like she’s eaten some very big thing. I really like that she’s wearing a nice low cut dress which revealing some Christina Aguilera big fat cleavage, but her face is really rotten. No matter that her weight gain mainly went to her tits, sadly I think that Christina Aguilera’s best days are fair behind her.

Christina Aguilera Ultra Mega Cleavage

As you may notice Christina Aguilera has moved to the group of former hotties. The question is why,because,  it’s clearly that her best days are long behind her? Well, the main reasons are her annoying clown make-up and terrible face, also because she is all soft and fat. So, here is Christina Aguilera busty at some event giving us mega cleavage right in the face while wearing some stripper dress. I have to say that there is one very good thing about fat chicks and that is big breasts. Her implants go crazy when combined with overweight. Awesome!

Christina Aguilera Looks Ugly

I don’t know what up with her face but singer Christina Aguilera looks ugly and so not hot at this new event the other day.She had great legs and sexy hips but now she looks just ok..Boobs are fine though..Enjoy her hot photos and keep up.

Christina Aguilera Upskirt No Panties

Christina Aguilera shows us her upskirt, while she was getting out of the car. This time actually we can see Christina Aguilera pussy because she is not wearing any panties. These Christina Aguilera upskirt pictures are worthy of attention. She used her sexuality in a clever way. Christina go forward I will support once more.