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Beyonce Shows Her Crazy Glitter Nipples

We know this is odd. Why are we showing Beyonce’s outfit when those aren’t really her nipples? Because imagine if they were. Also, this reminds us of that obscene George Clooney as Batman costume with the rubber nipples, except this has glitter so Bey is more Batman than Batman. Anyway, here she is performing during her ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour‘ at the Kombank Arena in Belgrade, Serbia. Enjoy this fake Beyonce’s nipples!

Beyonce Knowles Oops Flashes Her Bottoms

They claim that this is Beyonce pussy-slip, but it looks more like a “panty-slip”.  Anyway here is hot Beyonce performing and shaking her big ass at the Glastonbury festival.  It’s like the British version of Coachella, where everybody drives out to the middle of nowhere to communally bond with a grassy field. Beyonce almost lip slipped out of her bottoms on stage. Great outfit.  It’s a little known scientific fact that if you put Beyonce, JLo, Kim Kardashian and CoCo on the same stage, the Earth will be thrown out of its orbit. I wouls like to see that! Enjoy the view!

Beyonce Oops Sideboob Again

The other day, people in France have had the opportunity to enjoy while watching the pop star Sasha ad her sweet strong body while working Harpers Bazaar photo shoot at the Ritz Hotel in Paris . She has made nearly perfect French connection by giving them a nice Beyonce sideboob in Parisian Style. This is the second post today of Beyonce, but forgive me, because as I said, she is too careful when it comes to these things, so that I could not miss this opportunity.Enjoy this Beyonce gallery!

Beyonce Flashes Oops Flashes Sideboob

You think these pictures are nothing special, until you see some little peek of Beyonce sideboob. It’s nice to see that she has decided to shows off more than just a smile and stupid sunglasses in her sexy one piece. No matter how much I am happy with this, as I am always happy to see that the celebrity tits are naughty, I have to say that I wouldn’t have expected this kind of thing from Beyonce, she’s normally so careful, but I am glad that this can happen to everyone. Enjoy this Beyonce Knowles gallery!

Beyonce Flashes Her Hot Thighs

Here is Beyonce showing us her hot thighs and almost upskirt while filming some scenes for an upcoming video of hers in a weird yellow outfit. As you can see it’s hard to get good photographs of Beyonce these days. I really miss her!!! But now when I found out for another Beyonce album release and for the inevitable body-flashing music tour this summer, I’m sure there will be some wonderfully skin-baring moments.so, until then enjoy this Beyonce hot gallery!

Beyonce Oops Nipple Slip

This is something that I expect will happen soon. Actually, this is hot Beyonce nipple slip. I really do not know whether to classify Beyonce in the celebrities that I like, or not. But in such cases as nip slip, I like her very much. Especially Beyonce boobs, which I believe are natural. I hope that the next time Beyonce appears in a bikini, preferably thong bikini, and give us a great view of Beyonce ass or pussy maybe. Who knows?!

Beyonce Oops Flashes Vagina

Beyonce Knowles was spotted in Newyork while she leaves her car and flashing her pussy upskirt…She isn’t exactly new to Beyonce oops business,she just loved the attention, nothing made her happier than exposing her big booty in slutty outfits like this…enjoy!!!