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Bai Ling Oops Butt Crack In Bikini

You’ve got to love Bai Ling because you know every time she’s out in public she’s going to show us her freakishly long nipples.  But not this time.  Today she showed us sweet ass of her, as what I like to call, Bai Ling ass crack. Well, that’s something!!!She’s funny and for some reason when I see her, I get the sudden urge to run down to my local Chinese massage parlor for the $30/30 minute special. Which isn’t really all that specialsince the “happy ending” always costs extra, and I never get it because I’m too cheap. Instead I just do it myself and walk out disappointed.Anyway, here she is in some nice bikini-swimsuit in a hot tub somewhere in Hollywood showing her great body. Still, its always nice to see her even though it doesn’t showing us big Bai Ling nipples. I can’t explain it but she’s sexy and ugly at the same time.I know,she is totally rotten,but as bad as I say she looks I’d still like to have sex with her, she’d probably do all kinds of weird things….Enjoy this Bai Ling bikini gallery!

Bai Ling Oops Nipple Slip

Bai Ling was drunk at the party and showed something more than she perhaps wanted, but we will not hold it against to her becouse I think that we are enjoy in watching. Bai Ling nipple slip is looking fresh and soft,and she also showed us at this pistures her pink panties.Somthing  what we want is that Bai Ling going to be drunk again and show us her pussy.

Bai Ling Oops Nipple Slip Again

I cannot believe it. Here is yet another Bai Ling nipple slip. I do not know how many there are in general. Too much. This Chinese-born actress Bai Ling is a frequent victim of the nipple slip, her latest slip occurred out shopping in Beverly Hills. The really strange part of it all is that I think her hard nipples are huge for such a small breasts. I do not remember that I’ve ever seen such large nipples. But that is not too bad  as bad as her hair, how can she still have that ridiculous haircut? Bai Ling is quite ugly but she still parades around like she’s the hottie of all hotties.

Bai Ling Oops Boob Slip

Here is Bai Ling ,a freaquent victim of the nip slip , in some blue piece of fuzz with a strap. Bai Ling nipple slip Queen likes to push the envelope in terms of oops situation, but this is really just cheating. She just like to get her gorgeous top in the news…