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Audrina Patridge Busts Big Fake Cleavage

Here is Audrina Patridge nude at some lame event, but I guess it’s actually big deal for her as long as long as it had a red carpet and a photographer. Her fifteen minutes of fame seem to have expired, but I’m willing to give her another fifteen cause the girl’s body and big fake breasts are rockin’ and I miss those ceiling eyes. I need to organize a red carpet leading into my bedroom. I wonder if Audrina’s available to work nights. Enjoy the view!

Audrina Patridge Oops Flashes Panties In Short Shorts

I have not had Audrina Patridge on the site for a long time, which is kind of surprising, considering this girl always seems to show up at any event where there’s a camera. But here she is judging at the 2012 Red Bull Flugtag, which sounds completely made up, but apparently is a real thing, sort of like Audrina’s career. Anyway, I’m loving the hot shorts on Audrina here. Besides showing off her long legs, she is also flashed a peek of her panties. Nice of her! Enjoy the view!

Sexy Celebrity Halloween Pics

As I thought Halloween night was crazy like every year and our celebrity babes were busy little bodies the last couple of days with Halloween parties and such, and they were all nice enough to tweet their Halloween hotness for our drooling pleasure. So here are the photos that caught my attention in the last couple of days. Here are Ashley TisdaleJessica SimpsonKim KardashianThe SaturdaysRihanna, Selena Gomez, Christina Milian, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Audrina Patridge, Stella HudgensMaria Kanellis, and Paulina Gretzky as sexy cop being the clear winner… Which one is your favorite?

Audrina Patridge Oops Sideboob Peek

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but I think that a good quality sideboob shot is almost as hot as a full on cleavage shot. Here are some pictures of Audrina Patridge giving us a pretty tasty little profile shot and some leg on the red carpet for at the Los Angeles premiere of End Of Watch. I still can’t figure out what Audrina Patridge does these days and whether she is still considered celebrity, but it’s not a bad gig, I guess, but if she wants return to former “glory” she need to show a bit more skin than this…

Audrina Patridge Bikini Birthday Party

I’m aware that Audrina Patridge does all now that her crappy reality TV show has been cancelled, not that she did a whole lot before it got cancelled, but I’ve always liked her fake tits so I couldn’t help but post pictures of her quick trip to Vegas. Obviously, the only reason these are on the site is because she’s got an awesome body on her and she’s at a pool party in a bikini. Yes please.

Audrina Patridge Hot Bikini Pictures

Say what you will about Audrina Patridge insipid reality shows and reasoning skills that resemble a low-functioning beaver on the zoological functionality charts, but you can not take away from that body. Here  is Audrina Patridge down in Cabo San Lucas with her family celebrating her birthday while hanging out in some hot little white bikini. I don’t know how old is this babe, but this girl’s body is so tight, I hardly even notice the lazy eye anymore… Enjoy

Audrina Patridge Fake Tits On Full Screen

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve had any pictures of Audrina Patridge and honestly I feel that I’m the last celebrity blog that posts any pictures of her anymore. Her crappy reality TV show has been off the air for I don’t know how many years now, but it seems that she is living the easy life with all the money she got from appearance fees. Not that I’m not happy about that and if that keeps the paps on her tail and her in mini skirts then I’m all for it, but somehow I’m waiting for her career to completely fall off the radar, she’ll be desperate for attention and will do everything for former ‘glory’. Enjoy

Audrina Patridge Hot

Apparently Sir Richard Branson threw a party last night and once again I wasn’t invited, not that I know the billionaire, but Audrina Patridge was there so clearly they don’t care about how talented the guests are. I suppose that if I had long tanned legs and some nice fake breasts I might higher up on the list. I’m very glad to see Audrina again, the last time we saw her she was selling jeans at a department store or something along those lines, but it looks like she’s back on track. Awesome. She needs to pose naked again.

Audrina Patridge Oops Topless For Bongo

We don’t see Audrina Patridge as often as we used to, maybe her fifteen minutes of fame are up or people have realized that she doesn’t have any talent what so ever. Not that I care about talent, I’ve always thought she was hot and I just enjoy looking at pictures of the reality TV hottie in bikinis and little outfits. Here she is modeling jeans or something for something calls Bongo, who cares, she’s doing it topless and that’s alright with me. Keep up the good “work”.Enjoy this Audrina Patridge topless gallery!

Audrina Patridge Oops Flashes Her Bra

Here is hot Audrina Patridge flashes her pink bra in sweet see through top. I know we have seen more of her but this is also some kind of oops moment, so I couldn’t miss that. Plus, I did not have even one Audrina Patridge see through picture. Anyway, here she is at LAX preparing to board an airplane. She is working on a new scripted web series called Dream Maker that will feature her “as a new, up-and-coming talent manager who moves to Detroit to start her own firm.” Well, I think that her talents were covered up in pink bra. Anyway, she is my favorite hottest hottie alum from The Hills so I pretty much delight in anything Audrina and flashing related. Enjoy the view!

Audrina Patridge Hot Bikini Gallery

Here is hot Audrina Patridge hanging out in her little bikinis and showing her tight bikini body and amazing pair of big fake boobs in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend. This girl’s body is so tight , so I hardly even notice her weird face and lazy eyes anymore. I like this Audrina Patridge bikini pictures, especially when she is half naked. Enjoy this Audrina Patridge bikini gallery.

Audrina Patridge Hot Birthday Bikini

I am really glad to see these Audrina Patridge bikini pictures from Wet Republic (party to which I unfortunately am not invited) and this is something that I could call her return to the site. It’s very nice to see this tight killer body stuffed in a little bikini and although Audrina Patridge boobs look little weird, she is still incredible hot to me. This is how I imagine party. Enjoy

Audrina Patridge Hot Bikini Pictures

Don’t ask me why, but I had to finish the day with some pictures of a television nobody looking hot in her bikini. So, here is Audrina Patridge flaunting her toned and tan bod during a sandy frolic with friends at a beach in Santa Monica.This former Hills star was all smiles as she showed off her curves in a sexy  bikini. I’m not exactly sure what Audrina Patridge does these days. I suppose it’s more reality TV of some kind. But, in any case, it is reason to stroll her sexy body in bikini on the beach. I just can’t keep my eyes off of Audrina’s fake tits, but I also like the flexable girl in red. I wonder how flexible Audrina?! Hm… Enjoy this Audrina Patridge bikini pictures.

Audrina Patridge Sexy Boobs

Hot actress Audrina Patridge is really getting little bored with all this ,,I am to sexy look ”,like almost everyday.Her nice legs and hot boobs are great but come on, covers it up girl.I love her tight butt on those new photos anyway and you should enjoy her sexiness too.Keep up.

Audrina Patridge Hot Legs

Hot star from the Hills Audrina Patridge and her sexy legs at some night out event.I love to see girl like her,sexy ,seductive and good looking and she has great tits and so hot tight ass on those photos.Enjoy some of the hotness of this actress.