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Venessa Anne Hudgens Nude Photos

This HSM cutie's grown up so fast, and she didn't even wait for the series to end before showing off her tight n' tasty body! Rumor has it that these photos were supposed to be for her boyfriend Zac's eyes only, but in the end, she made everyone's eyes and rocks pop!

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Keeley Hazell Sex Tape : Blowjob expertise is absolutely amazing

Keeley Hazell has a sex tape and you should be very happy. Of course it was stolen from her home much like all the celebrity sex tapes that have come before her. But she is hot, naked and seems to really love giving oral sex to her man and is very good at it. Keeley Hazell’s blowjob expertise is absolutely amazing, which is a good enough  reason to check out her celebrity sex tape yourself. The authentication of the sex tape came from Keeley’s own mouth claiming she was ‘distraught at the release of the video’, which was said to have been filmed in Majorca while she was on holiday last year with boyfriend Lloyd Miller. She told The Sun: “This was a private video that was taken a long time ago. I never meant for it to be seen in public …. It’s a disgraceful invasion of my privacy.” It just amazes me still that any celebrity still makes videos of themselves having sex. If you’re a high profile babe like Keeley Hazell, the sure fire way to have your home broken into is to create a hot celerity sex video and you will have your wish granted. What I love the most about self shot sex tapes are of course the horrible angles but after all this is Keeley Hazell and a Keeley Hazell sex tape is still a Keeley Hazell sex tape. She may be one of the most perfect women that has ever lived. She’s usually seen in men’s magazines wearing a little next to nothing but this is far more revealing than that.

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Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape : Blowing A Big Dick

Lindsay Lohan once made her way into our living rooms when she was the cute adorable redhead teen playing roles in Disney movies left and right. Now she will be there for a whole new reason in a much different way. She seems to be one of the true bad girls of Hollywood and has followed the path of so many child stars that came before her. Late night parties in clubs filled with alcohol and drugs. Spending time with different guys and girls for that matter week in week out. So it was really no big surprise that rumors started flying that she had a secret sex tape that has surfaced. Lindsay Lohan is allegedly said to be freaking out. She is just one of a long line of celebrities with a leaked sex tape. The former Disney star has gone from teen queen to scandalous vixen in a matter of months. The first photos from the alleged sex tape have surfaced and made the rounds of course. Apparently Lindsay made this sex tape with her former man Calum Best, back when they were still dating.

The grainy video contains oral acts and more kinkier “things” and was filmed on a cell phone camera. Apparently the phone was in a safe stolen from Lindsay home and is chock full of scandal ready goodies. You just know from all the latest pictures and behavior she has been a part of lately that the scenes are going to be smoking hot, especially knowing just how perfect her tits and the fact that she looks like she’d be a complete freak in the sack. The girl in the leaked video certainly looks like Lindsay Lohan and as far as how kinky she really is well, you’ll have to judge that for yourself.

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