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Celebrity Oops Naked

Rihanna Naked For GQ Magazine

I’m not a fan of Rihanna new tattoo, as well as the rest, but if it means I’m also seeing Rihanna topless, I’m all for it. Here is Rihanna naked posing for the newest GQ magazine photoshoot. And it’s really helping me appreciate all of her body art. Now, I’m not totally convinced, but it’ll probably only take a couple more naked pictures to do the trick. I’m not unreasonable… I also added some pictures of Rihanna looking classy at last night’s GQ Men of the Year Party with a stunningly sexy display of her hotness, curves, cleavage, and legs in a killer red dress… Still, I prefer Rihanna’s naughty side. Enjoy the photos.

Rihanna And Kate Moss Naked For V Magazine

Here are some amazing pictures of Rihanna and Kate Moss getting all naked and sexy for V Magazine.If you ask me, this photographer should get a bonus for this photoshoot. I’m not sure what it’s trying to sell, but whatever these hotties sell I’m buying. This is indeed a very good way to finish my work for this week. Keep in touch…

Miranda Kerr Topless For Vogue

Here are some hot pictures of Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr naked posing for Vogue Italia‘s October 2012 issue. They are in black and white, what makes them artsy, not creepy. I am a fan of Miranda Kerr, even if she’s not the best their ever was, she’s marketed as though she is and that’s good enough for me. Enjoy this hot Miranda Kerr topless gallery.

Mila Kunis Topless For Esquire

Esquire magazine have chosen this year’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”, and it’s none other than the always uber cute and sometimes uber sexy Mila Kunis! Well, if you ask me it looks like they have lost their minds. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mila and think she’s a very hot piece, but sexiest? Maybe cutest. However, enjoy these pictures of her, it’s some of Mila’s best work.

Emily Ratajkowski Oops Nude Twitpics

You may recognize Emily Ratajkowski from the latest ad she did with hottie Sara Jean Underwood for Carl’s Jr. That was the first time I’ve ever heard of her. I hope that doesn’t get me in trouble, but a girl this hot deserves to have at least one creepy blogger write about her. So check out these amazing Emily Ratajkowski nude and bikini pictures that she has uploaded and then make sure to follow her. Tell her I say.

Stephanie Seymour Naked In i-D Magazine

You don’t hear a lot about Stephanie Seymour these day but I’m impressed with this cougars body in the latest i-D Magazine photoshoot. Her face is a little too chiseled for my liking but who is really looking at that? Anyway, there is a Stephanie Seymour nude photo showing her breasts and Milfy bush. She really looks like a high quality sex robot in that shot. Enjoy the view!

Eva Longoria Nude In Bed From Sleep Book

Here is Eva Longoria showing off her picture-perfect booty for a new photography book called Asleep at the Chateau. Apparently some photographer got celebs to reenact their typical sleeping habits… I respectfully say I would love to eat her ass like a dog who has not eaten for a week, but a full frontal pic would have been better. Maybe next time?

Lana Del Rey Naked For GQ UK Magazine

Here is American chanteuse Lana Del Rey nude on the cover of GQ magazine to celebrate the mens’ mag naming her “Woman Of The Year”. She posed naked for photographer friend Mariano Vivanco, wearing just a sapphire necklace, bling ring and ankle bracelet — and the trademark red lippie too, of course. Another shot shows Lana getting her boob groped in a Mills and Boon-esque hotel suite fantasy, while another shows her getting mighty friendly with a sheer curtain. As you do. Nice! Lana seemed pleased with the result. So am I! Enjoy the view!

Aubrey O’Day Nude With Slight Nipple Peek

I know we used to see Aubrey O’Day bikini twitpics, and even if I like to see those chicks in bikinis hanging out in front of mirror in their bathrooms, I must to admit that Aubrey is starting to be boring. But this is something different, and got my attention.  This time Aubrey O’Day nude Tweeted this photo of herself! She is covered but did a hint of nipple slip through the grasp of her arm. This is better for a change. Keep going Aubrey, show us those big melons!

Kate Upton Nude For Contributer Magazine

Here are some pictures of busty supermodel  posing almost naked for someContributer magazing I’ve never heard before. Man, she’s been fake topless and covered many times, including a couple full nude but technically covered shots… I don’t know what it’s going to take to get Kate to show us the goods but if she’s willing to pose like this for a no-namemagazine, maybe it’s time this site hits her up. Wish me luck!

Miranda Kerr Nude For Laurent Darmon Shoot

Thanks to Laurent Darmon black and white photoshoot, today we have a pleasure to see Miranda Kerr naked. Three words that go together ever so well. Like ice cream sundae or pregnancy test negative, but this is potentially even better, depending upon your current situation. What to say when when you have in front of you a photos of a naked body of a world class Victoria’s Secret Angel, exept enjoy of course.

Miley Cyrus Nude In A Bathtub

These Miley Cyrus nude pictures are a year old but I don’t recall ever seeing them. I must have been sick that day when they were released. Miley Cyrus keeps showing us oglers more and more; clearly she wants to be fully nekkid. I think it’s high time she climbed out of that tub and greeted us properly and memorably. Regardless, anytime you get to see Miley Cyrus side boob action is a treat. God Bless 20 year old boobies.

Paz de la Huerta Naked For Terry Richardson

Here is Paz de la Huerta naked again for my favorite photographer Terry Richardson. He is just one lucky bastard. I like her… She poses naked almost every month! But, I find the shoot notable not for what she decided to show (as if she’s ever played a character who likes to wear clothes), but for what she seems not to want to show: her right breast. Looking through the photos, you’ll see she hides (or at least partially obscures) her right boob in most of them. Her right boob definitely looks weird! See for yourself!

Candice Swanepoel Nude For Muse Magazine

Here is The South-African bombshell of Victoria’s Secret hot supermodel Candice Swanepoel nude on the cover of the summer issue of MUSE Magazine, Mariano Vivanco photoshoot. Totally naked with only her hands for modesty. She is probably the single hottest model out there right now, so this is the biggest reason why I desperately want to marry her. Enjoy this Candice Swanepoel nakedness!

Oops Snooki Nude Leaked Pictures

Here are some of the leaked nude pictures of Snooki that surfaced recently. I wasn’t in a big hurry to get these posted since they are blurred, but this new un-blurred one popped up, so here they are. Snooki is the latest celebrity to have nude cell phone photos leak online but unfortunatley they are censured. Snooki’s rep has also confirmed to E! News that the photos are in fact her which makes me wonder if Snooki hasn’t leaked the photos herself? I have only one nude uncensored photo.. but is it really her vagina?