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Celebrity Clothing Oops

Vanessa Hudgens Oops Wardrobe Malfunction

I hate hipster chicks! So when I saw these pictures of Vanessa Hudgens having a wardrobe malfunction, I could only sit back and laugh. Not that I mind getting a sneak peek of her bluepanties, but that’s what you get for looking like an idiot. Anyway, I hope Vanessa has learned a valuable lesson and will finally buy some proper clothes! God knows she can afford it.

Jennifer Lawrence Oops Ripped Her Dress

Jennifer Lawrence suffered a wardrobe malfunction at SAG Awards where she not only won, but managed to rip her dress on her way to the podium before revealing she got her SAG card from starring in a promo for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Actually, everybody says that Jennifer Lawrence ripped dress, but I would say that she just flashed see through part of that detached dress. The detachable dress is a two-in-one work of elegance and it is always the look. Nice try Dior people, Jennifer didn’t flashed her panties, but maybe next time….Enjoy the view!

Ashley Greene Oops Sweaty Vagina

Here’s an uber Ashley Greene hot and wet leaving a very, very rigorous workout session yesterday afternoon… which you can tell by her sexy skin-tight workout leggings, and the fact that she freaking drenched in sweat! And I mean she is totally drenched in sweat everywhere… damn! I think this has to be the first time that I’m so attracted to a girl after a sweaty workout. Well, ok, not the first, but she looks freaking hot and damn sexy, eh? Enjoy!

Lady Gaga Oops Splits Her Latex

I feel it’s been a long time since I last time had some pictures of Lady Gaga hot on the site, I guess I was sick and tired of her idiotic outfits and rotten face, but though still funny as hell was watching Lady Gaga and her plastic pants rip open as she bent over during a concert up in the Great White North… Now, many guys on here can relate to a split or near split of the trousers during a lethargic fat couch potato point in their existence, so we must treat humanely the Lady who has been on vacation and bulking up a bit lately in the gluteals. Enjoy.

Vanessa Paradis Oops Topless Bikini Pictures

I’ve always liked Vanessa Paradis, she’s French and she’s pretty hot, so I just had to post these picturesof her on the beach in her little bikini. She must be all sad that her marriage has fallen apart, probably a little drunk from all the beach adult beverages, and looking for a shoulder to cry on. I’m here for you princess. Call me.

Alessandra Sublet Oops Looses Her Bikini

Here is Alessandra Sublet experiencing a bikini bottom wardrobe-malfunction at the beach in St Barts. Yes, the very rare bikini bottom wardrobe-malfunction. Check out Alessandra Sublet awesome bush. The French TV host was at the beach with some friends when the paparazzi caught her fixing her lose bikini bottoms. These hot shots of Alessandra Sublet bikini go beyond a regular bikini wardrobe-malfunction involving a top and straight to a hairy muff shot. Enjoy!

Kristen Bell Sexy Legs

I love this actress Kristen Bell and her sexy legs and hot boobs out in this tiny dress she wore the other day at some premier.Enjoy her hotness and keep up.She looks great and so lovely and her hotness is huge.Keep up.

Alyssa Milano Sexy Boobs

I even forget about this sexy actress Alyssa Milano and her sexy legs and nice big boobs out.Here is she on some new photos from the event taken the other night and just looking awesome.Enjoy her photos.

Minka Kelly Sexy Butt

Some new photos of actress Minka Kelly and her sexy butt at some walk the other day looking awesome and showing off her sexiness too.Enjoy her nice butt and hot boobs and sexy legs out on those photos.

Tila Tequilla Sexy Ass

MTV star Tila Tequilla and her sexy ass and nice huge fake boobs out at some night walk to his fucker in blue Lamborgini showing off her sexiness and nice hair done by wild sex too.Enjoy her hotness and keep up and look at those photos.Hehe,she looks awfull but stil hot.

Christina Aguilera Looks Ugly

I don’t know what up with her face but singer Christina Aguilera looks ugly and so not hot at this new event the other day.She had great legs and sexy hips but now she looks just ok..Boobs are fine though..Enjoy her hot photos and keep up.

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy Legs

Singer Nicole Scherzinger and her sexy legs in some airport the other day looking fine.I don’t know..i don’t like her at all.She has ugly face and not that sexy at all..She is just pumped dark lady and with fake everything now.Enjoy her hot ass and sexy legs too if you can..Props.

Karissa Shannon And Her Hot Sister

I love this twins..Karissa Shannon popular from her porn movie and her twin sister at some clubbing the other night looking.well I would say sexy but hell no.They just look ridiculous and so trashy and all.I love her hot legs and nice tight asses but’s just not enough..Keep up and enjoy this hot photos.

Irina Shayk Sexy Boobs

Here is sexy and adorable model Irina Shayk and her sexy legs and nice hot tight butt at those new photos from some new event.I love her sexiness and her nice natural boobs and she looks awesome too.Keep up and enjoy this sexy posing of hers.

Arianny Celeste Hot Big Boobs

I don’t know who this chick is but Arianny Celeste has one great pair of boobs and her sexiness is huge on those photos.I love her hot legs and sexy tight ass and just enjoyed watching her around on this event the other night.Enjoy this hot photos and pumped tits.