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Eva Longoria Oops Bikini Nipple Slip

Eva Longoria had quite the wardrobe malfunction while vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend when she inadvertently busted out of her string bikini while soaking up some sun. As the actress sat and loosened her bikini top, she ended up revealing much more than she had hoped, popping out of her bikini and accidentally flashing bystanders. Eva Longoria nipple momentarily popped out of her orange string bikini exposing her breast to onlookers — and the overeager paparazzi. She’s not too severe but she needs to get her personal trainer to whip her into shape. When your name and body is how you make a living you need to stay up on that shit and she has not.So, if you’re gonna have a mega nip slip on the beach, it helps to having a killer bikini body. Enjoy the view!

Heidi Klum Oops Nipple Slip In Bikini

Supermodel, superhero! Heidi Klum bikini nipple slip and slight ass flash while on the beach in Honolulu!! She suffered an wardrobe malfunction actually while rescued her son and nanny from some dangerous waves while these pics were taken. Good job Heidi! Enjoy this harrowing and heroic pictures wit a nice Heidi Klum boob slip!

Nicki Minaj Bikini In Hot Tub

Nicki Minaj porn recently shot a video for “High School” featuring Lil Wayne. So Nickie tweeted a couple of pics from the set of her new music video that involved her being in a one piece bathing suit showing off her ass crack and titties, posing seductively in a bubbling hot tub as she flaunts her curves in a barely-there swimsuit. And while some folks might not be a fan of the song, at least you can enjoy some shots of Nicki Minaj bikini in a hot tub…Enjoy the view!

Lady Gaga Oops Splits Her Latex

I feel it’s been a long time since I last time had some pictures of Lady Gaga hot on the site, I guess I was sick and tired of her idiotic outfits and rotten face, but though still funny as hell was watching Lady Gaga and her plastic pants rip open as she bent over during a concert up in the Great White North… Now, many guys on here can relate to a split or near split of the trousers during a lethargic fat couch potato point in their existence, so we must treat humanely the Lady who has been on vacation and bulking up a bit lately in the gluteals. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Bikini Pictures

Remember this Nicole Trunfio hot babe? She is model best known as a winner of the Australian version of Search for a Supermodel. I think I’ve only once had some awesome Nicole Trunfio topless pictures on the site, but I hope that I will have in the future more hot shots because I really like what I see. Especially between the neck and the bellybutton. Here she is hanging out at the beach in Miami in her little red bikini and looking just damn awesome. Those Aussies are really developing some lovely talent. Enjoy.

Ilary Blasi Oops Flashes Bikini Butt Crack

Here are some candid pictures of Ilary Blasi bikini bottom following down at a beach! Not one guy at the beach who doesn’t hope for something like that the whole time he’s there. You might be asking yourself who the fuck is Ilary Blasi? And my answer is who the fuck cares! A chick who looks like this in a bikini is a hottie no matter who she is, especially while she showing her extremely good parts! Enjoy!

Paula LaBaredas Bikini Shows Her Booty

Here is hot Portuguese-American model and B-movie actress hottie Paula LaBaredas flashing some amazing butt crack out of her falling bikini bottoms while playing at her hotel pool. And I could not stay indifferent. I must to say that this is much better wardrobe malfunction then Katy Perry’s, only because of Katy Perry big fat ass. Enjoy this Paula LaBaredas bikini booty flash!

Katy Perry Oops Bikini Bottoms Fall Down

Oops Katy Perry booty on display! Here’s a most likely drunk Katy Perry loosing her bikini bottoms while going down a water slide at Raging Waters Sunday where she cracked her way into our bikini butt series by flashing everyone at the park her pale, white ass. It look like that top fell down too but unfortunately we there is no any picture of her bare breasts. But, this is just good enough for the start. Between our pleas and the handiwork of the Fates, we are  going to see full frontal sometime in the future. Enjoy this Katy Perry bikini booty flash gallery!

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Cleavage

It looks like busty permanent vacation goer Victoria Silvstedt is at it again, here she is doing a little ocean paddle boarding in yet another hot bikini.  I know that Victoria Silvstedt likes to hang out on rich old dude’s yachts in her bikini and all, but this is almost too much. Almost. I guess I’ll just have to tough it out and stare at her breasts for like thirteen minutes or so. This chick has exactly what I look for in a woman, big hair, big breasts, an amazing body and a willingness to please her man… As long as he keeps paying the bills.

More Sexy Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Here are more ridiculously sexy Katy Perry bikini pictures. Yes,  she is still vacationing in Miami and still rocking a tiny bikini, and looking sexy, and curvy, and busy, and more bootylicious than ever! These are not as impressive as the Katy Perry bikini pictures  because tube tops are not booby enhancers. Nonetheless, Katy still has a little cleavage to feast your eyes on. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Christina Milian Oops Nip-Slip And Butt Crack In Bikini

Few days ago I had some hot Christina Milian bikini pictures and I sensed wardrobe malfunction. Well, blessed be the combination of Mother Nature and some faulty wardrobe design for the near and simultaneous uncovering of the fine and curvy body of Christina Milian in the shores off of Miami Beach. Christina Milian flashed her hard nipple and butt crack. The sextastic Cubana MILF seemed to be struggling to keep her chest puppies in their upper-cloth containment and while fiddling to fix that near wardrobe malfunction nearly lost her bottoms in the process. Man, those are fucking big thick chewy nips. This chick needs playboy shoot. She’s not a singer anymore, only a celeb. Playboy time!

Kristen Bell Oops Flashes A Bit Of Butt Crack

I usually find ass cracks vulgar but she is cute. Here is hot Kristen Bell flashing a bit of butt crack while squatting down to kis a pooch before a bike ride. Damn, I would lick every square inch of that crack. Enjoy this Kristen Bell butt crack gallery!