Oops Lindsay Lohan’s Panty Wetspot

Lindsay Lohan may have zero respect for traditions like mourning the dead and obeying the law, but she holds fast and steady to the doctrine of Lohan where you religiously drink Holy Stoli and whore-ship at 3 am. The squatting and flashing panties thing she’s doing in these pictures must be a new ritual. All this Lindsay Lohan getting arrested, getting in fights, causing trouble, because she is spoiled rich kid. Then there’s the whole Liz & Dick, double chin thanks to plastic surgery, botox and fake lips, reviews where the world hated her performance…while she thought it was her big comeback…thanks to people giving her too much positive reinforcement instead of just telling her to retire. Well, When what really matters is the wet spot on her fucking panties. Enjoy this Lindsay Lohan upskirt gallery!